According to US News 80% of people give up on their New Year resolution by mid-February! Why? You ask. It's because you set a really high weight loss goal to accomplish in a short period. You start losing weight but not as quickly as you want to, you get frustrated and give up.



I got your 6 is a term that means I'm looking out for you I got your back. At SOFX we got your back. #Igotyour6 Five Week Challenge is set up so you hit your goals in small steps & we celebrate you every 6lbs you lose! We all have heard the quote "Big changes start with small steps". So we built a program that encourages  you to take those small daily steps and allows you to celebrate every 6 lbs you lose! Whether you need to lose 6lbs or 106 lbs, we got your 6! 


-Your first goal is short term & attainable = lose 6 lbs in 5 weeks

-Can you lose more? Of course!

-5 week nutrition plan that is full of healthy foods that help you burn fat and feel satisfied. 

-5 weeks of daily exercise and spiritual encouragement ONdemand videos that are 30-45 min.